Question 1

How were you made aware of the ForDRI mapping tool?

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Question 2

What was your primary purpose for accessing the ForDRI mapping tool?

Question 3

How would you rate the ForDRI mapping tool on each of the following:

Overall appearance of the tool:

Comment (optional):

Overall ease of use of the tool:

Comment (optional):

Explanatory text and instructions:

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Question 4

How accurately does the ForDRI map reflect conditions in your local area or region?
Please indicate the date of the map in the comments below.

Comments on areas (e.g., Northeast Forest Region, Burlington County, NJ) that ForDRI accurately represented conditions (e.g., Both ForDRI and observed area show severe drought).

If you rated the accuracy of the ForDRI map as a value LESS than 7 in the question above, how much worse or better are the Forest/trees conditions in your state or region compared to the ForDRI image?

Comments on areas (e.g., Northwest Forest Region, Lane County, OR) that ForDRI did not accurately represent conditions (e.g., ForDRI shows normal, but you observe severe).

Question 5

How likely would you be to use the ForDRI mapping tool in making management decisions?

Why or why not?

Question 6


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Question 7

Would we be able to contact you to follow up with you on your evaluation of the ForDRI mapping tool?

If yes, please provide: